Netgear Orbi rbr50 mesh network doesn’t allow wyze outdoor cam base station setup!

I have gone through all the posts and followed all suggestions provided by wyze live support, troubleshooting & in this forum but still my wyze base station doesn’t setup. It keeps saying can’t find base station. Reset doesn’t work; QR code doesn’t work as i can’t find the wyze_bind wifi network it’s supposed to create. The blue light keeps switching between solid & flickering throughout the process. I bought base stations from 2 different vendors as well to test & rule out if my set was indeed faulty but it lead to same dead end. So much so I took it to my brother’s house who uses outdoor cam as well but without Orbi router & had no hassle setting it up but mine wouldn’t setup there too probably coz the settings remained in its memory from my place but when I bought a 3rd device & directly set it up at his place then it worked but of no use to me as when you change location you gotta re-setup again. This has been going on for past 2 weeks & is really frustrating as I have so many other wyze devices and cams setup and never had an issue but this time it just won’t setup. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I really don’t want to buy another brand cam.

Are you trying to connect the OC base station wirelessly? If so you might be running into the the 2.4/5 GHz bands. On my Orbi system in cases like that I would have to reduce the output of the 5GHz band (since you cant actually turn it off), and also turn off all the satellite units. From there the device and my phone would force connect to the 2.4GHz network and setup would be able to be completed. Once its setup I have not seen any other issues.

No, I am following the steps exactly explained in the setup process on the app and am hard wired.

For some reason the Wyze outdoor cam base station does not connect to the internet if plugged into the Netgear orbi satellite. It does work if it’s plugged into the main orbi router however. This is not ideal in my situation. Not sure if you are in the same boat.

Mine didn’t work with base station as well but surprisingly it worked at my brothers house who doesn’t have an Orbi mesh network installed. There is some settings within Orbi which is not allowing for it to be setup & I haven’t been able to figure it out. All other wyze cams work just not the outdoor cam.