Wyze Cam 3 time lapse to Final Cut Pro

I am trying to use the Wyze Cam 3 to make a time lapse of culinary mushrooms growing in my grow tent. So far I can’t find a way to do this. I can see the video on my phone app. When I plug the memory card into my macbook pro I can only see the video withVLC media player. The video appears to be in a weird format and I cannot open it in Final Cut. I do not see a way to convert. I saw instructions on the Wyze website which said I need to download the time lapse to my phone from the wyze app from Albums but I don’t see anything in albums.

Please help

You need to download the video on your wyze phone app first,which is located in the album

VLC can also convert it to a more common format.

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There is nothing in my album. I can see the videos in my app when I click “view playback” but nothing in the album.

There are around twenty formats in VLC. I tried a few and had no luck. Which one would you use?

There’s nothing to do,if you have a time lapse video it allways in your album, once you click it it downloads,when it’s done then you click on it to play,if your doing the v2,v3,ptz cameras you must be on the same wifi the wireless outdoor camera it does not mater

I am on the same WiFi network. I dont know what’s wrong. Nothing is in albums