Conversion of time lapse file

Has there ever been a solution to convert a timelapse file recorded by a Wyze cam to a standard format? Wyze’s own promo video for timelapse from a few years ago says something like “you can also copy from the card to a computer but the file won’t be in mp4 format”. But it then doesn’t go on to offer the solution to actually convert it. Having a camera outdoors, even with an outdoor wifi access point, can make for a painfully slow download.


Having just done this a few days ago, it’s fresh in my mind. The timelapse file from the camera (from the uSD card) was a .h264 file. I used VLC to read that and export it as a .mp4

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Strange - I tried VLC but got nowhere. I’ll try again - thanks.

Open VLC. Under Menu > Media > Convert / Save


Got this to work fine in VLC. I must have been doing something wrong. Thanks for your help!!!

Thank to everyone who posted. With cam v3, when i sent the time lapse as an attachment it was an MP4 file. Thus it was easy to open with VLC and slow down the time lapse using + or - on keyboard.

Hope this helps the next person.