Can timelapse videos be downloaded from memory card?

I am trying to download a couple of timelapse videos I recorded with my WyzeCam. The files are a couple of gigabytes and it takes a long time to download onto my iPad. And if I interrupt the process by switching apps, the Wyze software starts all over again. I finally gave up. Just takes too long.

But I’m wondering whether there is a way to just copy the files from the memory card in the WyzeCam. I did look at the files on the card a long time ago and they didn’t look like simple video files.

Any suggestions?
–Joel Nisson

If you sneaker-net copy them off of the card, you can view them with VLC.

I have used VLC to convert them to mp4 video, but it is painfully slow.

BTW, on physically removing the SD card:

Hello @JoelNisson you can retrieve the time laspe video that has been saved on the microSD card by using a computer to access the files on the card.

Here a link to instructions on how to do it.

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Thanks. I’ll try that.

You can view them without converting them in VLC. Wyze converts them during the download, which is rather nice. Would it be possible to start the download before you sleep? The time-lapse files I’ve worked with were not that large and VLC took maybe three times longer to convert them than download them. Your processor may be faster though.