Time Lapse Videos Not in Album but on Memory Card

Sometimes when the time lapse video completes, it does not get saved into the Album. The only way for me to view the time lapse video is for me to physically remove the MicroSD card and view it on my computer.

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Same here . Anyone ? Why I cannot see my timelaps videos in album ?

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I’ve only done a few time lapse videos, but they always are in the album for the cameras.

Version 2 cameras, version firmware

iOS App Version 1.3.134


I’ve done a lot of time lapses. Only some of them show up in the album but all of them, including the ones that don’t show up in the album, are in the MicroSD card when I view it on my computer. I don’t know why some time lapse videos show up in the album, while others do not.

Ditto. None of my timelapse test videos have shown up under the album when using IOS. I have v2 cameras and 32GB SD cards.

I just bought 3 Wyzecams, and they all do the same thing. I don’t want to have to pull out the SD card just to view the timelapse video. Does anyone have a solution for this? I checked the network and everything is on the same network.

Did you download the videos? Note that you MUST be connected to the same WiFi to download them.


OK, I realize that I stuck my foot in my mouth with my last. It’s been a month or so since I did a time lapse and I remembered the procedure wrong. I did a five minute time lapse and realize that it shows in the album even before it is downloaded.

Sorry for my error.


I’ve attempted to view timelapses but my album shows no videos, when I try and format my SD card I receive the message ‘<i>’a time-lapse video is in progress’’ </i> this is one week after the date and time I set?!

I’d appreciate advice please.

I just wanted to add my voice to this. I have tried 4 time lapse videos, and not a single one has ever shown up in my album. I’m using a Wyze Pan on iOS, and I have a 32GB SD card installed (which I purchased from Wyze). What can I do?

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