Possible bug with Time Lapse

I just found a potential problem with the Time Lapse issue. I tried doing a time lapse video three different times. The first time we were scheduled to have a bunch of strong storms come through one day so I had it setup to video outside over several hours. When it finished there was nothing in the album. I tested again over just one hour and still nothing in the album. I formatted my SD card through the app and tried again for an hour. Once again, nothing in the album. Didn’t matter if I was on the same network or not. Today, I thought I’d give just a regular picture a try. As soon as I did, it showed up in the album as well as the one time lapse I did after formatting the SD card. (Yes I know formatting got rid of the first two I tried so no I’m not expecting them to be there) I’m not on the same network currently so I can’t download and watch the time lapse but found it strange that it never showed up in the album until I took a regular picture with the camera.

By Album I am guessing you mean an photo app on your phone? Or do you mean the Album in the Wyze App?

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Sorry, the album in the Wyze app

I have had time lapse videos take upwards of an hour to show up, depending on their size. But try elasta pulling the album page down to force refresh the page?

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On my old android devices, the wyze app is impossibly slow. So for TL I generally just pull the card.

I tried pulling the album page down to refresh but it didn’t help. As for the hour delay, I started it and forgot about it until well after an hour after it stopped. Just for a test I set it for 1 hour at 15 second intervals.

That did the trick! I just took a regular picture and all my time lapses showed up. No need to format card again if you did at first.