My timelapse videos have never shown up in the album, even though they were allowed to complete uninterrupted

I bought a Wyze cam (Pan) a few days ago.
My issue is that whenever I try to create a time lapse video, the video never shows up in my album.

I set the start / end time for the time lapse and when it completes it says, “Saved to Album,” and then nothing will show up in the album. After 4 attempts it still says my album is empty.

My info:
Camera: Wyze Pan
SD Card: 32 GB from Wyze

Any help would be appreciated.

This may be the same problem the V2 has.
As I wrote:

I’d start a timelapse, it would end. I’d go to “view” it and would get a “file does not exist” error.
I went through numerous emails with support, formatting SD cards, reloading the app, etc.

I’ve complained to Wyze, got the ticket but no resolution. If you can downgrade that might work, But I’m still hitting a 1,5GB file size limit.

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This is a long-standing bug. It was reported to Wyze months ago.
If you search this forum, you will (sadly) find lots of problems with time-lapse recordings. For some users, they don’t appear in the album, just as you found. For others, they appear in the album but can’t be downloaded.

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Hello there, and thanks for the reply.

I had noticed some people posting about a similar problem, but many of those posts seemed to be rather old and no clear solution was posted, so I was hoping the issue was resolved with a firmware update or something. I guess I was wrong.

Oddly enough, my time lapse videos have shown up in my album and are now viewable - it just took several hours after the end time of each of them before they appeared.

Odd, but technically solved. I wish I had some useful information to pass on about how the issue was resolved, but unfortunately I do not have any.