Downloading wyze time lapse to phone/android. Can it be made to download to phone SD card, not internal

I’ve searched but didn’t see this. I like other have problems with downloading timelapse to phone … but recently it started working but it downloads to internal memory. I’d like to have it go to phone’s SD card.

I’m new here - just got camera.


I have not been able to do that but I’ve used a utility app, Cheetah Sync, to copy it to my Windows PC.
The app seems somewhat dependent on timing and I surmise it’s not getting the handshakes with an extremely weak signal.
But as of now the time lapse does not seem to be able to process file sizes greater than 300 GB which is about 3 hours of recording at 3 second interval.

All I see on my SD card when I try to record a time lapse are two text files in each folder. I will try under 3 hoursto see if that makes a difference.

You should see under the path
HL–>API–>timelapse–>[big file name]–>[another big file name]–>video–>
The last directory should hold a record.h264.
The .h264 files are usually viewable under a number of video apps.

I only used the 3 hour figure because that is what seems to be working with the latest Beta releases.
I think it may be file size dependent but getting info out of Wyze is nearly impossible. It may also depend on phone type, network speed and/or a host of other variables.
Back with v2 Firmware V4.9.4.37 (I think) I was able to do time lapses approaching 1 GB in size.

I’ve installed
on a few cams so I can pull the cards more easily

Thank you for the info. I forgot about that file extension.

I’m not sure how these responses are relevant to my question - maybe i posed the question poorly. I can download from the camera to my phone using the documented technique - ie just tap on the timelapse recording. It downloads to my phone successfully. But, it downloads to my phone internal memory - i’d like it to download to the phone SD card. I do not see a setting to do that - most phone apps have a setting where you can choose where to download to (internal or sd … and often you can name the directory).


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You can’t at this time.

ok. thank you.