TimeLapse Download time on iPhone vs Android

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.

In the Red Corner: iPhone 12 Pro Max, with 512 GB running Wyze App 2.31.1 (0)
In the Blue Corner: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with 64 GB running Wyze App 2.30.1 (141)

Both were given the task of downloading a TimeLapse video of about 1 GB in size from a Wyze V3 Cam (firmware 4.36.9139) (Log ID: 602990)

The iPhone took over 3 hours to complete the task (Log ID: 602987)
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 took about 30 MINUTES to do the same (602989)

Anyone else seen this kind of disparity between these two platforms for this task?

This is my first Time Lapse of this length of time (which turned out well once I copied it to my QNAP NAS using the Android device via AndSMB (Samba Client)