V3, Android v2.17.3, ".h264" files and Timelapse

So I’m trying to determine the limits on Timelapse with the latest and greatest Wyze (LGW) offerings.

The V3 is GREAT, but as expected there are limitations.
One of my focuses is “timelapse” on cameras that are hard to get to.

With the V2’s about the largest timelapse I could reliably create and download was about 800 meg.
With the LGW l seem to have found the same.
However I have created one .h264 file of 1.6Gb that was about a 12 hour timelapse w/ 3 second lapses on SD. But the Wyze software bombed out after creating the 1.6 Gb .h264 file on my device and did not create the .mp4
I’ve yet to find a player for the .h264 file but based on past experience there should be one out there.

Can ANYONE tell me how the the time lapse process is SUPPOSED to work and what the limitations are? I know they create 1 minute files at the camera and the wyze software transfers transfers those to the device and creates an ,h264 file which is copied to an .mp4 file.

But what are the limitations and why?

/edit - I just created a 7 hour timelapse 3 sec frame spacing and it created a 0.96 GB .mp4 file successfully (and a .96GB .h264 file), Next try is another 12 hour file.
I also upgrade the software to

Still wondering what the limitations are.
Last one I created was 12 hour created a 930Mb file.
I tried downloading it three times. The first two times it completed but did not create an .mp4 file but did create a small unreadable .h264 file.
I noticed that the processing was fairly slow so I thought maybe my SLOW network might be a problem. I’m only getting about 10 Mbps down/0.6Mbps up.
But inside the network it had been good.
So I turned off my other 7 cams and the download ran much faster and was successful.
Does anyone know if there is a minimum measurable network parameter for timelapse download?
created another 24hr/10 sec 0.97GB, had to try twice to download.