Cannot download time lapse videos

This is so frustrating… is anyone experiencing this problem?

I’m using the Wyze app on an iPhone v12, I have about 20GB of remaining storage.

After painfully downloading the videos to my phone, I found that I don’t seem to have a way of removing the videos from my phone. There is a share option, but tapping that does nothing. The only action available (besides watching in-app) is delete.

The timelapse feature could be so much better than its current ridiculous mess. I haven’t seen any effort to fix all the problems with it and that is very disappointing.

Current issues that I am experiencing:

  • Often, short time-lapses (~4 days) don’t even show up in the album.
  • I have a collection of longer time-lapse videos successfully downloaded, but I cannot get them off my phone. I think the “Share” button used to work? Now it does nothing. UPDATE: It turns out that after tapping Share, there is about a 15-second delay before the save option appears. :slight_smile:
  • Other videos are not yet downloaded (~ 2.2 GB) because every time I attempt to download them, but phone goes to sleep, I get a call, or the app just crashes! The point is, downloads SHOULD RESUME, not start over! UPDATE: The app crashed again at 62% downloaded, but remarkably, the download resumed! That’s never happened in the past!

My time lapses usually end up accessible thru the Photos app. Either thru the Wyze Album or the Camera Roll/Recents.