Wyze Timelapse video issue

Hopefully this question is appropriate for this Forum.
I use Wyze Timelapse videos often. I sometimes have videos of 6 hours or longer. I am able to download them using BlueStacks on my laptop with no problem. However, when I attempt to download them (the large size Wyze timelapse videos) to an iPhotos album on my iPhone they keep timing out. Must be a download size limit or something on the iPhone. I have not figured it out yet. Has anyone had this issue and solved it ?
Sorry if this topic does not fit this Wyze Forum because it is possibly an iPhone issue, but I thought I would ask my Wyze Forum friends.

I do a lot of time lapse also and I’m using an Android phone and if the file is very large it does time out and it won’t download the video but now I think I fixed that problem because I got a new modem and router from spectrum it’s a Wi-Fi 6 router and I have not had an issue downloading any videos no matter what the size is and I think it was definitely all about the connection I could be wrong but things are working much better now I try and do time lapses that are either 30 seconds or 1 minute if you do three second time lapses the file gets too big and doesn’t work.

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stopped trying to use the timelapse because even 24 hour ones were HUGE and very, very slow to get from camera to phone even when on the same wireless in the same house. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

This was my experience also, but I was able to download quicker using BlueStacks on my laptop. Appears that downloading to an iPhone is problematic (too slow and stops constantly during downloading). I’ve not tried downloading more than 6 hrs with 10 min pics. I’ll try a 24 hrs Timelapse soon.

you running bluestacks (which I learned is an android emulator) on a mac or PC or chromebook or ?

I see it is supported on macbook pro with latest macOS (intel, not M1 or m2)

@WorldwideDave I’m running BlueStacks5 on my Windows 10 laptop (Lenovo. Works great for seeing V3 camera feeds and downloading WyzeTimelapse videos.