Time lapse download as background task

After a search I didn’t see any topics about that.
On Wyze app, when a Time lapse is ready, we can download it but it can take a while. If we go out the page, the download is stopped.
It should be nice to quit the page or the app and download run as a background task.


I know this is an old one but I hereby second this request

Edited to say that I tentatively retract my second, as it appears that background downloads may be working as one might expect/hope now. I’ll update this again if it fails or aborts anywhere along the way but unless I do so, you can mark this one as good to go

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Large Timelapse downloading is extremely frustrating and needs to be resumable or work if I leave the app.

I make time lapses that can be 1.6 GB. These can take a long time to download. If I leave the app, there is no background download. Your download fails. There is no resume, so you have to start over, meaning your phone is completely unusable the entire time you are downloading these.

Please allow the app to work in the background, or at least make downloads resumeable.

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Perhaps add the ability to download time lapse files in the Wyze Web View, so one can download these files directly to one’s PC or Mac and bypass the phone completely for this purpose?


Absolutely. Anything that would not require me to lose the use of my phone for 10-20 minutes just to download a file.


Was pleased to find running Wyze app on Android 7 emulator Bluestacks 5 (PC, but it also runs Apple) that I was able to start a large time lapse download and let it ride while I went about my PC business. Throughput steady at around 8 Mbps.


Background download from sd card

Allow downloading timelapses in the background on mobile app, it is quite inconvenient to make sure the app is not interupted in any way and open to download a timelapse from the mobile app (android)


Did it ever complete the download? Larger timelapses, like those over 1GB, do not download in BlueStacks for me.

If i dont touch my phone at all during the process and no one messages or calls all mine finish loading eventually but it does take quite a while. If anything interupts the download (even wifi fluctuations) i have to exit the app and restart

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You have successfully downloaded a timelapse that is over 1GB?

Mine never finish, they get to 100% and either stop, or, if I touch anything, restart from 0%.

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It was very slightly over 1gb i think and usually as i do nighttime timelapses for aurora and im also outside during the night i download them and go back to sleep :rofl::rofl: so idk how long after it reaches 100 it fully finishes off

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Yeah (1.6G ~19min) but the feature isn’t reliable, so I’ve lost enthusiasm - especially for attempting anything large.

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I just recorded a 1.9 GB timelapse failing at 98% after 1 hour and 15 minutes.

I’ve never had a large timelapse actually download properly in BlueStacks.

I take large timelapses almost every single day on 2 different cameras.

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More power to ya. :+1: I’m easily discouraged. :slight_smile:

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Do the Wyze folks ever respond in this section of the Wyze forum?

The timelapse feature could be so much better than its current ridiculous mess. I haven’t seen any effort to fix all the problems with it and that is very disappointing.

Current issues that I am experiencing:

  • Attempted shorter time-lapses (less than 4 days) but the videos don’t even appear in the album.
  • I have a collection of longer time-lapse videos successfully download, but I cannot find a way to get them off my phone. I think the “Share” button used to work? Now it does nothing.
  • Other videos are not yet downloaded (~ 2.2 GB) because every time I attempt to download them, but phone goes to sleep, I get a call, or it just fails for some unknown reason. The point is, downloads SHOULD RESUME, not start over! I’m currently on my 10th try… so far, 800 mb out of 2.2 GB and going.

I’ve used both the Android and Iphone app. The Android one when it fails (almost guaranteed) starts over from 0%, I’m lucky if I can get a full download 1 out of 10 tries. The iphone app is much better, it DOES CONTINUE from where it left off (eg. so if it fails at 13%, I re-start the download, it picks up at 13%), so I know I will eventually get the whole download - it rarely fails (maybe 1 out of 20 times it fails for some unknown reason and the file is completely lost, just disappears, even if I already had a partial download) but it is annoying that I have to MANUALLY restart the download, so I have to keep an eye on it to see if it has frozen or turned off by itself (disappears from the active screen) or gotten really slow(then I’ll manually turn it off and re-start it), but at least I know that I’ll probably get it. Also can’t go do something else on another app - must keep the Wyze app running in the foreground otherwise the download pauses. So using IOS is much better than Android but it could still use some more improvement. BTW, on average it takes me about an hour to download a 1.5Gb file (which is typical for an 8 hour overnight timelapse at 1 frame per 3 seconds, 1080p resolution, night vision or color (doesn’t seem to make much difference).
Does anyone know if V3 Pro (the new camera just announced) has time lapse? It doesn’t mention it anywhere - I won’t buy it unless it has it (about $50). Also, even some of my non PRO V3 cameras won’t allow me to download the time lapse since the last update - they will capture the time lapse but I have to pull out the microSD card to get the file, can’t download by wifi, major pain since they are up in trees. Wyze said they would fix this but haven’t so far (over 6 months now, latest release was supposed to fix but no it doesn’t).

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I’m also curious about the time-lapse capabilities of the v3 Pro (if any? but I have to assume it’s present in at least the same capacity as the standard v3) and whether or not there have been any upgrades/improvements made. On one hand, it would be slightly disappointing since the v3 time-lapse functionality has been in dire need of many improvements/bug fixes for years but on the other hand, it would be equally disappointing to purchase a v3 Pro only to find that it has an equally buggy, bordering on unusable time-lapse feature.

What is so mind-boggling about the whole thing is that the feature seems to have regressed significantly from where it was in much earlier firmware versions. It’s always been slow to download and subject to occasional failures, however more often than not they would complete successfully, and I would have a time-lapse video for the effort, as evidenced by the numerous YouTube videos I’ve uploaded featuring time-lapse vids recorded on my v3 duo, each with a different vantage point. It’s been quite some time since I last uploaded one of these, however, since I and apparently many others are incapable of actually DLing these files anymore but since my v3s no longer recognize my SD cards at all (the same ones I’d been using the year+ prior to them suddenly failing), the point is currently moot. Worse yet, now my v3s refuse to come online at all. Both “died” simultaneously several months ago during (or after?) a firmware update and the setup process can no longer be performed (holding setup does nothing despite a red indicator light (solid) confirming the device is at least operable). I just tried re-flashing them recently and couldn’t get the “purple” light to show. I’m about to attempt it again, fingers crossed.

PS - to be fair and in the interest of full disclosure, Wyze support was ready to send me replacements for the defective units but due to extenuating circumstances, I couldn’t take them up on the offer at the time and have simply not had the time since to reinitiate the process, however the idea to attempt re-flashing them just occurred to me a couple of days ago, which really should have been considered earlier but again, unless one of these subsequent efforts at re-flashing is successful - this, too, may be a moot point.

App downloading in the background

Please make it so we can download from the app in the background. it is asinine to have to keep phone on and on the app in order to download a 400 mb time lapse. This seems like it would be something relatively simple to implement. Just need it to download while app is in the background and or resume etc.

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I voted for this wish in 2019. I am surprised only 17 voted on this topic.

Sure would be nice, but it might move down the list to maybe not. Five years is too long to wait for a maybe.

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After nearly an hour waiting for a 1.1gb to finish, I concur. It maxes at 8mbps as if I was on 802.11b and this was 2004.

My best guess is they are throttling this at the cloud level for cost purposes.

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