Time Lapse , does downloading stop the recording?

I’m loving all my wyze cams. I’ve had great successes with the lapses, but is it just me, or if I download a time lapse in the middle of it’s “run” does the schedule then just stop there?

It would be nice to be able to check on the progress of it without messing it up (sorta like opening up the oven on the souffle)


I have done a lot of testing with time lapses, but I have never actually tried, my assumption is that yes downloading the time lapse would stop it at that point because it has to ready the file for download.

yes it does. in order to see the time lapse you have to fully stop it. when you hit the stop button it will ask you if you want to stop and save the time lapse. do a lot of testing on different lapse’ and you will get a feel for the frame rate you want . with enough testing you wont have to check the progress anymore. I just did a month long lapse ( hopefully soon to be posted) and I learned a lot from a long term lapse.