Time lapse download issue

When I try to download a time lapse video in albums it keeps stopping part way into the download. Any ideas ?

What WiFi and device equipment do you have?

I guess you are asking about my Router. If so, its a fairly new Netgear Orbi with Satellite. Everything else is working fine but when I try to download time lapse videos using the app it starts downloading and the flips the phone back to my iPhone home page with the time lapse only partly downloaded and I have to keep doing that to download the full video which would take a very long time with a time lapse of any length

I see you are using an iPhone. Me too. I just downloaded a test 238MB time lapse on iOS 16.1.2 / app 2.38.4 (3) without a problem. If you are using the same app version or above, then the best thing to do is probably to capture a log right after it happens (settings > Wyze Support > Submit a Log), and contact Wyze support with that log number so they can pass it on to the Devs.

If it’s a Beta app, then publish the log number in the announcement thread for that version.

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Thanks, Newshound

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