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Aloha Friends … has anybody successfully been able to view timelapse videos on their Mac? The .h264 file format won’t play in any version of quicktime or VLC that I have. Any ideas!? Also wondering if anyone has analyzed up timelapse bit rate and frame rates? My first time playing with the files on the desktop machine I am getting 10fps at 1920 x 1080 at 1mbit/s stream. I can’t say that I’m un-impressed … just need to iron out the quirks! :slight_smile:

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I’m also receiving some weird error messages while manually dragging and dropping from the card to my desktop computer. Any love or ideas on this one Wyze-ers :slight_smile:




I have not tried pulling the card out of the camera and transferring directly from the card to the laptop.

Instead, I tap View Time Lapse in the Wyze app, which takes me to the album. Then tap the time-lapse thumbnail to download it, which copies it from the camera to the phone. There may be some conversion going on when this happens.

From there, open the time-lapse and tap the share button. From there, you can email it, message it, save to dropbox, save video, etc to get it to your laptop.

When it gets to the laptop, it’s an .mp4 file, which plays fine in QuickTime Player (10.4), QuickTime Player 7 (7.6.6) and VLC (2.2.8).


The .mp4 video comes in at 30fps. Knowing that, you can calculate finished duration based on the time-lapse interval and length. For example, I just recorded a short 4.5 minute time lapse with an interval of 3 seconds.

4.5 minutes * 60 sec/minute = 270 seconds total length

270 seconds divided by 3 second interval = 90 total frames

90 frames divided by 30 fps = 3 seconds = duration of finished video

@wyzecam54 , I will try this once Im home and see what results I receive…

Hi, yes I’m late to this conversation but I want to ask a question since I just ordered 3 of these cameras
First off I have…
iPhone on IOS 12.1
Mac book Pro and iMac on 10.9 Mavericks ( I know old lol but still good)
I have the latest version of iTunes
Question - Can I transfer ‘upload’ the Wyze album on iPhone to the iPhotos app or iTunes when I’m syncing and/or backing up my iPhone? This way I can get the clips and long full vids on the SD card transferred to my Mac before they auto erase since it’s on an endless record loop - loosing the old footage in ever several days…
As soon as I plug up my iPhone iPhotos and iTunes opens ready for syncing and it lets me sync all my other non wyze pics and vids from my phone to my computer so I was just wondering if its the same principle for the Wyze album i will create when I get my cameras.



Yes, the Wyze album should be included.

This may help people looking to buy the V3 camera and wondering whether they need to also buy something special to view their videos on a Mac desktop.

I just started using my V3 cam yesterday, and I can take the microSD card from the camera, plug it directly into an SD card reader that is plugged into my Mac Mini desktop, and I viewed the videos with no problem straight away. I just clicked on them. The QuickTime Player (I have version 10.5) that came with my computer ran them. They were showing as .MP4 file types in my finder when read directly from the microSD card in the card reader. There was no need to transfer to my hard drive. I have not tried time lapse videos yet, but I imagine they will be the same. If you’re curious about which file types are read by QuickTime, a list can be found here: Apple QuickTime Player 10.5 Overview and Supported File Types
They list over 60 file types/formats. By the way, the .h264 format was listed as a supported filetype for QuickTime version 10.5.