Wyze Cam 3 and Wyze app issues on Pixel 4

Wyze cam 3 misses motion such a car driving into the driveway where Wyze cam is pointed at. At other times it captures motions much smaller.

On Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 I have issues with connectivity. App cannot connect, says camera is off line, but I know it is not. No matter how many times I try it fails. When I shutdown the app and restart the app it is able to connect.

On Pixel 4, the app does not work in landscape mode. The app shuts down the live view/playback and goes to landing page when I activate landscape mode (either by pressing or by rotating the phone).

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wife and I have pixel 5s with constant issues since the last update. A few months ago it was the same thing. Contacted support multiple times always getting a response telling me to reset everything (which I do). But this does not fix the issue. I’ve even upgraded my home network and tested the cameras in a different house. Same issue with both Cam v2 and Cam v3.

Stream often times does not connect and other times freezes. Up until two weeks ago things were finally working well. The app would crash often, but I could start it back up and get the video streaming again.

Now it just doesn’t work 9 out of 10 times. Usually after freshly resetting everything (cameras, network, phone) it will work briefly.

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You have it worst than me. Seems later Pixel phones are worst. My Pixel 3 works better than Pixel 4 and that in turn works little better than your Pixel 5 it seems.

I have a Pixel 5 and part of the Beta Group for the apps and FW. Here is my setup:

App Version: 2.17.31
OS: Android 11. Note: Ran the ADB Command to turn Doze mode off
V3 FW:
V2 FW:
WCO Base FW:
WCO Base Plugin:
CamPlus Subscriber

I was having issues in the past with no notification. However, when you look in the events tab, the events were recorded with the appropriate tags (Person, Vehicle, Package). Within the last week, I have been getting regular notifications on all of my camera’s. The notifications are coming within 10 seconds, but some come around 30 seconds.

So not seeing the same results you are. That is why I am providing the information above. Not sure what your are running, nor when you don’t get the notifications. the ADB Command disables Doze Mode which is a known issue on Android phones. Yes, Wyze should be able to get around it, but so far not yet. The issue with Doze Mode is as follows: if you have your phone off the charger and not being used (goes to sleep - about 3 minutes or so), no notifications will come through. when you unlock the phone, you will get a flood of alerts, sometimes.

Also note, I had a Pixel 4 and also had no issues with the app.

I have learned that you may need to click on the sync time on each of your camera’s as that affected my notifications some.

I have also noted some issues with a Mesh Network when it comes to using Beamforming. The issue is that these are using 2.4G which is not normally Beamforming supporting as the device would need to have it as well. Beamforming is primarily for AC and N networks. However, if you have Beamforming+, then there is a possibility that it will work with those devices. Beamforming+ is stated to be backwards compatible and does not require anything on the client side. In addition to that, the WiFi signal strength related to 2.4G plays a big part in the functionality as well. Something to look at.

Thanks for the info Spamoni4. My issue is not with notifications, it is about missing activity, it does not record it at all. I checked the playback and there is no record of a car driving into our driveway and I know a car drove in because I have another camera that is covering a larger area that captured it.

I do not know anything about ABD command etc, I am using the released App. version which I would have thought would be more stable. May be you are running a later (beta) version with improvements that has not been released yet? If it is working so much better release it already :smile:

LOL, I would agree. I had a spell where I was only getting notifications from my V2 Cam. I have a V3 next to it temporarily which was not notifying. Now they both notify consistently. The only annoyance is that it sends it to the Cloud for AI processing so it can determine Person, Vehicle, etc. From what I am reading, it does not send to the cloud until the motion ends. The issue with that is the time to get notified would be inflated by the recording time. I am using CamPlus and if something records for 1 minute the notification may come about 1 min 10 seconds. But I will say they were and are times when they don’t wait and they come within 10 seconds. So mix bag here. I know they are working on it, some of the fixes is on their AI processing so no update is required. you will simply start seeing it working.

But the versions I installed seemed to have made things work better and most of my issues went away.

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Thanks for all your info. I currently have a netgear R7800 and Unifi 6 lite AP in my house do you think disabling beamforming and/or MU-MIMO settings will improve the live stream? Seems like my issues are correlated with wyze app updates but I’m up for testing anything with my network. I just don’t know much about those settings as It sounds like I may lose performance on other devices.

For the connection issue, in my case the network is not an issue and I know this for two reasons:
1: When I restart the app the problem goes away
2: I have other cameras (some are Wyze also) that are farther away from the WiFi router and they work fine

My guess is that Wyze app or the Wyze cam is not resilient to various conditions some of which may be due to network connection quality between user’s device/camera and the Wyze server. The app gets into a state where it is no longer able to connect to the camera until the app. is restarted.

By the way I am not sure how common my set up is, I have 9 Wyze cams and I see slow connection (the steps 1, 2 & 3 regularly take somewhere between 10-20 seconds) and at times I see connection totally fails until I restart the app. And that only seems to happen with Wycam 3. (it used to happen with all my Wyze cams but after app & firmware updates where a lot of improvements were made the connection failures were very rare. Which led me to order more Wyze cams. I have CamPlus on V3 and 4 other Wyze cameras.

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I agree with @fevzi that the issue is more than likely an app issue. I would try what he says and the following before you start playing with your network like I did. My experience on the Mesh Network has gotten a lot better after turning Beamforming off and Mesh Technology off for certain devices (ones that don’t primarily move). With that said, before you do anything to your network, I woild do the following:

  1. Go into the app and select Account, App Settings and clear the cache. This has helped me on many occasions
  2. Close the app and then do a Force Stop via Android. Long Press on the Wyze App and select App Info. When the App Info screen appears, you should see force stop. tap on that.
  3. Open up the app again and see if that works for you. This has always worked when I was experiencing the issues mentioned above. But I was looking for a more permanent fix or reason.

If you still have issues, then I would check to see where your camera’s are connected and the signal strength. I have 8 camera’s (1 V2, 2 WCO’s, 5 V3’s). @Fevci is correct in that the issue primarily happens (more noticeable) on the V3 camera’s. however, I did see the issue on the others as well. This is when I started to look at my network. Here is what I say:

  1. I would not turn off MU-MIMO as that provides for performance by handling more than device, hence the MIMO. :slight_smile:
  2. Check your Camera’s and make sure that you are connected to the closest location and have the best signal. When I did that, I turned off the Mesh Technology for those devices.
  3. I mentioned Beamforming as TPLink and others have indicated that it really only works for AC and N networks where the client has a counter part on it as well. If you plan on using it for older devices or ones which don’t have the corresponding code/device then you need to have Beamforming+. This is Implicit vs explicit beam forming. SO I decided to turn it off for my devices to minimize what my router has to do. I did turn it back on and my camera’s started to display the 0kb more regularly. It still happens but for less than a second when it recovers.

There are so many options which can be done, so I would simply progress into this in a systematic way. I do have a question as my experience may be better because I have all the Beta FW and APP on my phone. Have you registered to be a Beta Tester and installed the Latest FW and App?

Thanks for the feedback. I dug up an old iPhone 6 to test and it works flawlessly when live streaming. I’ll see if I can find my old Samsung phone later.

My old pixel 2 and 3 have the same issues

Just realized something as I was testing a few items. Here is what I experienced: When clearing the App Cache, then you go and open a camera for live streaming, the camera loads a lot faster, some cases almost instantaneous. In addition, my camera alerts are faster as well. That is until the cache gets large. :slight_smile:

you may want to try this to see if you experience the same thing when opening a camera.

Yeah clearing the cache through the app itself (not through Androids interface) seems to fix it most of the time. Occasionally I have to clear the cache and restart the app. Not a great solution but at least I can use the cameras again without pulling out old phones.

Well after some more time with it, this solution only sometimes work. Went from working fairly often to now having to clear cache 3-4 times before it works.

I have given up on V3 camera with my Pixel 4. It does not work worth beans, Even after restarting the app, it gets stuck on step 3/3 (even when I am on the same WiFi network as the camera). V3 with Pixel phones is a big NO.

And yes I have iPad and an older iphone that work fine. But I do not carry them with me.

I will see if I can sign up for beta for the app and the camera.

I have a Pixel 3A. Just installed a new Cam v3 today. It updated twice today. It connected with the software version after installation and the first update, the last update will not connect. The cam is working fine as I am getting notifications and works with my wife’s iPhone 10. In fact too many notifications and I can’t make any adjustments to the sensitivity because I can’t connect. Many times I cannot connect to any of my 5 cams. 3 - V2’s, a battery outdoor and this new one the V3. The V3 seems worse (25 ft to the Wi-Fi). The out door battery (Ethernet connection) will connect to 3a phone once and awhile. I am on a stable 100 mb fiber and stable Wi-Fi so it is not that . Basically the Pixel 3a phone doesn’t play well with the cameras. Any suggestions?

After it fails to connect with my Pixel 3, I shut down the app and restart it. Usually after that it connects after about 30 seconds (it usually gets stuck on step 3/3, while trying to fetch video or whatever). And yes my iPad connects to it instantly! So the camera is not the issue, clearly the Android App is not at fault.

FYI, I cycled power on my Pixel 3a the next day and the app works most of the time now.