Connecting to cameras w/Pixel

I’ve been noticing some odd connectivity issues with my cameras(v1, PanCam, Outdoor Camsx4 w/base, and v3)

For some reason there is a long lag with connecting to these cams from time to time. Mainly the outdoor cams, but I’ve seen it happen with the others too. It’s mainly happening with my Pixel 4a(running latest OS and Wzye software). It appears to not happen as often with my iphone 11.

As I am typing this I was doing some more testing and it appears to happen more frequently when I have the app closed on my phone and try to reconnect later. I sometimes never get connected to the cams on the Pixel. I then have to use the iPhone which tends to be more consistent.

After consistent connections from the app on both phones, I closed the app and restarted, The iPhone was able to reconnect to the cams via the Wyze app and I can see live video. However, the Pixel cannot connect to any cams. I actually had to to a ForceStop of the app to correct it. Even then took a lot longer to pull the live video feed.

Any info would be greatly appreciated,

***More than happy to be a beta tester for Wyze for their products.

I was experiencing that as well with my Pixel 5. In the past, I have restarted the camera’s which seemed to correct it, but that was not the issue. Cannot say the exact issue, but I have found it to be more stable. These are some of the settings I did on my phone. May helo with yours, especially the first option:

  • Adaptive Connectivity - Set mine off to off (Was On)
  • Adaptive Battery - set mine to off (Was On)
  • Adaptive Notification - Set mine to None (Android Adaptive Notification is the default)

Something to try. Mine has been a lot better since doing these and especially since the Beta is now Production.

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Thanks. I’ll give that shot.

I love the pixels and google’s android OS. However, I will admit the most apps work better with the iPhone. I just cant’ stand Apples Keyboard and some other small things that. I can’t think of at this time. They tried to do widgets but they don’t compare to how they work on Android.

Thanks again,

I agree. I have both and iPhone and Android Pixel. My daily driver is the Pixel. I find it hard to be wedded 100% to the Apple ecosystem. I have a Pixel book, Pixel Phone and Chromecast TV. I do use both for testing though. Makes it a little better when I can compare the changes in each environment.

I keep having issues with Androids and Wyze Cams. Especially, the outdoor cams and base station. I have to keep an iphone on to check with consistency.

More testing on these issues. I notice that the connection issue also happens when WiFi is not optimal. Meaning, I have a TPLink Mesh Network, I don’t have an issue with the camera’s when they are connected to an AP near the camera. My issues start when, for some reason, they connect to an AP further away. To resolve this, or minimize, the TPLink adds an ability to turn off Mesh Technology per device. This essentially leaves the device connected to the AP you wanted. It still switches at times, but not always.

Also, I have found that if you are receiving connection this issue continuously, clearing the cache seemed to alleviate the problem. Go into the Wyze App, select Account, then app settings, and click on clear cache. Shut the app down and go back in. This does help alot.

Changed the following App settings from my phone’s settings not within the app itself and it’s seemed to have my connection working as it should:

Mobile & Wifi:

Background data: on
Unrestricted data usage: on

Advanced - Display over other apps: Allowed

I haven’t played around with this to see if it’s just one of these settings or a combination of all three yet, but happy to see the app not being completely useless on my phone.

I also cleared my cache within the app and within the phone app settings before making this update. I know that alone didn’t fix the issue because I was still having lagging issues with that attempted fix previously.