Wyze App (latest) for iOS (latest) has years-long bugs that are serious and annoying

My iOS user experience using Wyze app last few years:

1. Cameras fail to connect
50/50 odds at best if opening the notification will successfully connect to camera. I believe it is an iOS App issue, it has been a problem for my last few phones which means years of development of the app. I have Android devices which connect after touching a notification 90% or more of the time, so this seems iOS-specific.

2. Cameras freeze/drop connection with no obvious signs to the viewer in the interface
Because of this issue, I spend more time watching the clock tick in the bottom right (to be sure the video feed is actually live) or watching the KB/s in the top right corner than I do actually focusing on the feed, because when the feed connection stops or drops, there is no indication other than those two small details. I have seen the app do it’s reconnect routine occassionally when a stream drops, but I sense that the detection of this drop happening or the timeframe allowed makes for a bad user experience.

WEIRDLY, rotating your iOS device from landscape to portrait or vice-versa often reconnects the stream without any other action. This works so often it’s what I do as part of my routine of checking video streams, because otherwise there is a good chance the app is displaying a very old image or stalled stream with no indications that are obvious from arm’s length on a small device.

3. Extremely slow camera connection on iOS, with high failure rate on step 1/3
If you have an Android device, try the Wyze app on the same account and networks. If you are like me, your iPhone will have better specs than the Android device, but the Android Wyze app will connect faster and be more reliable every time. I don’t plan to switch phones to keep using Wyze, but when I’m out of the house I dread getting a Wyze notification because the combination of the above plus the kinda-modal-and-difficult-to-traverse iOS app layout means it’s 10 clicks and a few retries to get a live feed… or I just wait for the event video to work and whatever happened is old history by then.

I would have assumed this problem was limitations of the overall Wyze ecosystem, but not having this issue using the exact account on Android on the same networks tells me the iOS app needs some serious TLC.

Dear Wyze, Hear Our Plea
The iOS app is so bad I looked up my password and 2FA to log in to the forum and post. Imagine how many people feel the same way I do about the iOS app but don’t spend time posting here, don’t know their password, don’t know they can come here and post… The iOS app is the main interface for Apple device customers … so when it doesn’t work, it’s really frustrating and undermines my trust in this service. To ensure I have good coverage at home, I also have cameras from Ring and Arlo, which do not have the issues with connectivity I have with the Wyze cams.

My system is: (5) v3 cams, (2) Outdoor v2 cams
My iOS devices: iPad Pro, iPhone w/ 4GB RAM running latest OS. Issues above have persisted unfixed for years for me, and I’ve moved across state lines and changed many parts of my network since then - the problems seem to be specific to the iOS Wyze app.

Thanks for reading. I see others have posted about this stuff for years. Is this just yelling into the void?