Wyze Cam 2 picture stuttering / freezing

My Wyze V2 started recently displaying a freezing / stuttering image when live streaming and viewing recordings , i have the cam pointing through a window to the front of my home.

Remedies i have tried

  1. Reboot
  2. Reset Cam
  3. Removed SD Card
  4. Changed WiFi Channels
  5. Rebooted my Wifi Network

Has my cam gone faulty ?

Edit , i think the issue is firmware related. It only started after the latest round of firmware updates

format sd card to exFat and try.

Beta app and firmware or production (non-Beta)?

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Both beta and production firmware and software

I think the issue is firmware related. I have the cam pointing through a window to the front of my home.

To test if it is firmware, you can roll back to an earlier version, see if the problems persist. Maybe save a log file first incase Wyze devs want it to be able to figure out what’s causing the issue.

It’s been doing that for me for about 2 months. I also have it pointing out a window (IR disabled). It’s like watching ghosts - you’ll see a van drive past and it just disappears and then reappears 20m on. Sometimes it combines with screen tearing and you’ll see the upper half of a person walking past.

Appropriate for Halloween night. But not very reliable if it skips the person walking up to your car or house.

Note: for me, it’s like it’s skipping frames. It plays ok for a few seconds, then skips maybe 1 to 2 seconds, then plays again ok.

Mine is not as bad but definitely skipping frames. The picture freezes for a second then continues , then freezes again in a ongoing cycle.