Wyze Bulbs - poor wifi reception?

Hello - I just purchased Wyze Bulbs and so far not having any luck installing them where I want… I am able to setup them up OK right next to the wireless router (dual band wifi router with mesh pods). When I disconnect the bulb and take it to its install location 30’ away it won’t reconnect to wifi. My phone is getting perfect wifi reception at the install location, even if I go through setup again it stalls at the Reconnecting step and the bulb won’t connect to wifi. Why !! This is very frustrating. At minimum the bulb should be able to run the rules that were pre-set when it was right next to the router but it doesn’t.

Thank you

Are the bulbs in a metallic light fixture? WiFi is blocked by metallic or even ceramic fixtures?

The fixture is metal and glass

I had an fixture that was a metal frame with glass panels. The bulb lost connection often. I replaced it with a plastic and glass fixture and no more lost connection.

If replacing the fixture is not feasible then consider a Z-Wave device like a Phillips Hue bulb. More expensive but a much more reliable connection than WiFi.