Wyze Bulbs Location

Can you move the Lights Bulbs to a different location without losing there connections? Meaning, do I need to reset these Bulbs if i do?

Turn the switch off (Power ) where it is at in its current location , then move it to where you want it , it should connect back up no prob.
If you unscrew a bulb with the power on you could have problems


Hello @aimperato and welcome to the community.

Once your bulbs are setup you can move them to another location as long as it can still access the same WiFi you used to set it up. If you change it to a different WiFi you will have to reset them.

Looks like @HDRock beat me to the answer


Thank you. I plan on moving them and they will be on the same wifi.

I have 16 bulbs (so far) and I use a clamp on shop light when I’m setting up a batch. I do it all from my Lazy-Boy! :smiley:

With the shop light off, I screw in a bulb. Then power cycle the bulb 3 times to enter setup mode. Complete the setup and usually turn the brightness down to 1% and then turn the bulb off in the app and then cut power on the shop light and move on to the next bulb.

Then when the bulb is put into service, the initial brightness and color setting are set the way I usually like them This works for me.


What type of problems? Connectivity? Settings? Seems unscrewing while on would be no different then just turning the power off.

The Wyze bulb came with a small Quick Start Guide, and it says to turn off the power before installing or removing the bulb.

I have searched in the Wyze bulb support pages but cannot find where it mentions this at all. Did it change? Does it matter or not? If it does matter, why or where is it in the support pages? If anyone can find it, please post it in this thread. Thanks!


Because if it makes and breaks contact 3 times while you are unscrewing it , it will go back into pairing mode


A perfectly good reason to unplug it before removing the bulb. They need to add this to the support pages.


Technically, any bulb manufacturer will probably tell you this. It’s technically “unsafe” to unscrew a bulb while it’s on. But meh. Don’t be an idiot and you should be fine. Although @HDRock’s argument makes sense, re: breaking contact 3x.


My bulbs lose connection after being turned off and then on at a switch. Have to completely reconnect each bulb to get them working again. Is this normal?

You shouldn’t have to manually reconnect the bulbs. By my experience, I can turn off/on the switch and the bulbs automatically reconnect in a few minutes. After power is restored to the bulb, I give them about 10 to 15 minutes and they come back online. It just takes a little time but mine does work flawlessly.

Can you have 2 Bulbs on the same switch?

Yes you can have multiple bulbs on the same switch, but you need to set them up individually first then move them where you want them

I’ve done that and one of the bulbs would not reconnect. I’ve tried over and over again with the same results. Sometimes neither would connect.

There is a lot of information in this thread you might be able to find a resolution.
There are links to other threads in there also

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A few of mine were doing that for the first day or two but after setting them up a few times, they’ve been pretty stable since then. Now, if you’re trying to use them IMMEDIATELY after you plug them back in, they probably won’t work. It’ll take them a minute or two to reconnect to the router, of course.