Wyze bulb not reconnecting

If I use the manual switch with my wyze bulb it completely disconnects from the app. So when I turn it back on I can’t use the app without going through the whole setup again. Is there a way to fix this? When I unplug the camera I don’t have the to do the set up again.

Same problems with my bulb! I don’t understand but it simply doesn’t work.

@om1 Welcome to the community! The bulb needs constant power to stay connected to the network. However, my experience with the bulb is when I turn off the power or unplug the lamp with the bulb, I can turn the power back on but I have to give 10 to 15 minutes to reconnect to the WiFi network. The trick is to wait for it to reconnect. I haven’t ever had to resetup the bulb. Sometime the app is just slow responding and needs time to reconnect.


@StopICU33 beat me to my own answer as I was typing :rofl:


I have experienced this as well. Over the weekend 3 of my 4 bulbs were turned off unknowingly saturday morning (kids). I turned them on and they stayed on for the rest of the day (about 6 hours) and never reconnected. I had to delete them and re-add them in order to reconnect.