Bulbs Not Auto Reconnecting After Restarting WiFi

I have 4 Wyze Bulbs and love them. However, I noticed that when I specifically restart just my WiFi (not a power failure or anything like that) all 4 bulbs do not reconnect automatically and say “Offline”.

This happens every single time I restart my WiFi. They are all up to date with firmware (released 1/21/20) and are set to “Maintain previous state” but never reconnect automatically.

I have to power-cycle each bulb individually to get them to reconnect. What the heck??

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How long are you waiting? It sometimes takes 10-15 mins.

I’ve waited like 2-3 hours. For example, restarting my WiFi and forgetting that it knocks the bulbs offline and then trying to turn them on or off again a few hours later to no avail because they never reconnected. Then having to power cycle them to get them to reconnect.

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That’s not normal. Mine always come back online. Not sure how many bulbs you’re talking about but I’m using 12. No issues. I’d start here with troubleshooting and if you’ve done that start a support ticket. They have more ideas to try and fixes.

Edit: see you mentioned you have 4 bulbs. Sorry I missed that.


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