Wyze bulb Mac address

where we can find out the wyze bulb “ Mac address “ ??
some said: they are printed on the bulb ,
please let me know, thanks.

@richard-2007 If it’s setup, go to Wyze app, tap on bulb, gear icon top right, Bulb Settings, Device info

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thanks for your speedy feedback,
is it also printed on the bulb ??
reason is: I can put them in the Mac address filter in my router, so, IT can be connected.

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I looked on my bulbs and it’s not printed on the bulbs anywhere.

Can you see the Mac for the bulbs in your router software?

The MAC address is encoded into the QR code on the back of the Wyze Bulb box. If you scan the QR code with your phone, the 1st group of 3 numbers/letters (12 characters long) separated by pipe symbols (“|”) is the MAC address.

Edit: Added photo.

Hi, I know this is a bit late but hopefully it will be helpful for others in the future. The QR Code on the bulb itself holds the MAC Address of that bulb. You will see a QR Code on the side, scan with a phone and you’ll get the MAC Address. I just had to go through this with a few students at the University I work for.

Folks wanted the bulbs in their dorm rooms and we require devices to be added to the network by MAC Address so this question lead me to looking at the bulb and after reading the part about scanning the QR code on the box for the MAC Address,

I scanned the bulb QR Code because the one on the box, if it gives a MAC Address, it’s not for all 4 bulbs in the box (Unless you bought 1 bulb only, then that QR code would most likely give you that info.) Thanks for asking the initial question which got me on the path to finding the answer to my scenario :slight_smile:

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Hi, How were you able to connect the bulb color to wifi just using the mac address. I am at a location where login to wifi is through a portal.

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Here is a like to a way to connect wyze devices to a network setup like you are experiencing. Some light reading for you…: