WYZE Bulb Security

Just installed the new WYZE bulb and connected. While it was on and using WIFI on my Mac computer I had a bunch of weird things start happening. Windows started opening and all my desktop files became selected. I quickly shut down and reopened without WIFI enabled and logged on to my Mac via guest so not to enter my password. ***Can the bulbs connection in the WIFI be secure or is it only as secure as my SSID network password?

Welcome to the community @jwhiting628. I really don’t think what you experienced on your Mac is related to the Wyze bulb installation, but it is still a remote possibility. The bulbs can only connect to WPA2 networks, so that connection is encrypted. I’m going to speculate that you use good password practices, and use different and unique passwords on all of your accounts and devices.

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This sound almost like some kind of radio frequency interference causing spurious (not real) mouse clicks and/or keyboard inputs. I doubt the bulb would be the cause of it, but how close is the bulb to the Mac?

10 feet

That would be too far for RF interference with the Mac I would think. I’m agreeing with @DreadPirateRush that it’s probably more coincidence and something else caused the weirdness on the Mac.

Has the Mac issue resolved itself?