Wyze bulb follows deleted rules, turns on when its not in rule

I have a bulb that follows a rule that doesn’t include said bulb in rule. I have GPS trigger to turn on a light bulb when I get home, set to one specific bulb only. I used to have several different bulbs on this rule, but I deleted them all except one light. The bulb that is turning on when its not in the rule set was powered off/unplugged for several months when I changed this rule. When I plugged it back in a couple weeks ago, it updated firmware.

Now whenever I arrive home, the bulb I have set to turn on turns on, but also the problematic bulb. I have reset this bulb several times, redone the rules(deleted them all and redid from scratch). However, the problematic bulb keeps following the rule that doesn’t include it.

The only way I fixed the issue was to replace the bulb with an brand new, unused one. How in the heck do I fix this issue?

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