Wyze bulb and Alexa Echo 2nd gen not working

Hi, I have a Wyze bulb linked to the Alexa app and it works fine on all my Echo Dots, Fire tablet and even a Sonos Move. However it does not work on my my second edition Echo. All I hear is it does not recognize the name I have given.

I have disabled the Wyze app on Alexa and reenabled it to no avail. Any ideas what is going on?


Hello and welcome to the community! Try asking the Echo Dot that you’re having issues with to “discover devices”. If this doesn’t work then you might have to try resetting the Echo Dot itself.

See also Alexa Echo - Failure on Wyze skill - #3 by ljhardy

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Thanks for the reply. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

I saw where the other thread resolved itself but sadly that is not the case. I will try a factory reset on the big Echo and report back the results.

Thanks again