Alexa Echo - Failure on Wyze skill

I have 3 Alexa devices in my home, 2 dots and 1 echo. The Wyze skill for bulbs work perfectly on the dots, but whenever I try to turn on or off bulbs on the echo, the response is “‘light name’ doesn’t support that”. All 3 Alexa devices are registered to the same account. The bulbs all work fine through the Alexa app as well.

Any ideas?

Ugh it feels as if you’re posting that because I just finished telling someone in a different thread that the type of Alexa hardware was irrelevant. :frowning:

I have had my share of bad Alexa responses and had to rename things (it really didn’t like “downstairs light”) but I only have two generations of Dots.

Maybe you should try the voice training option?

Edit: are you a different person from dwl25 who posted almost the same question?

Anyway, you also might want to double check whether the big Echo is registered to a different Amazon account.

Wow, yes, different person, apparently the same problem. On the Alexa app all of the devices list the same person’s name as the “registered to:”. I can’t find any way to validate that the same email address etc. is associated with that person’s name.

BTW, I don’t think it’s specific with any of the bulb names, it fails the same way on all of the bulbs and switches. (while all of them work from the dot.)

Confirmed via the Amazon web site, all devices registered to the same Amazon account.

So clearly it’s a conspiracy between Amazon and Wyze to make me look bad. :frowning:

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Very weird. I tried this again today, no changes that I know of, and all of the Wyze bulbs are working fine from all devices!

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Well thanks for the update. Alexa can be weird. Things like group memberships / simultaneous audio can be wonky and take ages to propagate to all devices. Often the same identically repeated command will simply refuse to get recognized. We’re at their whim.