Wyze Bulb compatible

I states the Wyze bulb works with Alexa, but does anyone know if the bulb works with the Echo Dot? Thank you in advance for any information.

Echo Dot is still the Alexa platform so I would think it would. I am setting my new wyse bulbs up today and count on Alexa via the dot to turn them on and off.

Thank you, would you please follow up and let me know if the echo dot did work. I’m just checking before I purchase the bulb.

Yes it works with all Amazon devices. I have a dot, echo, and cube. They all work.

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Thank you.

This applies to everything Alexa by the way. The signals are coming directly to the device (in this case the bulb) via your WiFi from servers on the Internet. The Alexa “skill” tells Amazon’s servers to tell Wyze’s servers to change the bulb. So it doesn’t matter at all which Alexa device you spoke to. Your command is executed by Amazon the same way.