Wyze Bulb & Alexa

This is THE answer. Look no further.

I just added my new Wyze Bulbs as devices in the Alexa app on iOS.

I’d like to know if it’s possible to set a bulb or bulb group to a specific “Scene” using Alexa.

Also, I’d like a complete list of supported phrases for the bulbs. Like, what exactly do I say to change brightness and/or temperature of a bulb/bulb group?

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Warm white doesn’t work .
For brightness you say bulb name or group name 50% 100% etc

Groups don’t seem to be recognized for me.

You have to set up a group in the Alexa app, you can’t use the groups you set up in the wyze app for Alexa

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Thanks. This is a good solution. Now, what about bulb “Scenes?”

I have scenes set up in the wyze app , as far as scenes in alexa, I don’t know , I have not looked into it .
I don’t know how or if you even can.
If you find out let me know

:wave: Hey there, I made a review on the Wyze Bulb which includes a summary and brief set up instructions on my YouTube Channel. I upload new content weekly and would appreciate the support. I tried to make it shorter than my last Wyze product review. Like and Subscribe if it’s what you are into. Hope you find this video helpful, Thank you and may your home be Wyze! :raised_hands:

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Does it include setup and functions for Alexa?

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it’s really brief/sped up, at 3:52 seconds there is some video footage for both the Alexa App and Google Home App, no details with functions. I tried to keep it super short.

That’s a nice overview for newbies.
Would be cool if you did a video on all functions for Alexa with the bulbs , I’m not as well versed with Alexa

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There are actually 4 settings

I appreciate the feedback that’s exactly what I was going for :raised_hands: :laughing: I’ve been thinking about doing something more in depth that covers skills, routines, and other functions. I appreciate that @HDRock , I’ll let you know if I end up doing it

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You can’t beat videos compared to an explanation in text form

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according to my experience today, scenes worked great in the app but alexa just doesn’t recognize the request. seems that on and off, temperture control of bulb and dimming are the only things i could make it perform. Dropped a note to wyze about this also. waiting for response.

Searching around today what it looks like to me is that , the scenes that are set up in the wyze app are supposed to work with Alexa but they don’t.
Like you said alexa doesn’t recognize them for some reason

yeah I’ll see what wyze says and keep playing with it. I did go into alexa app and disabled skill and then reenabled it but no difference. keep you posted if i come up with anything. Thanks for the reply.

If you really wanted to you could set scenes by setting them up in routines with a phrase too activate the scene, it would be simpler if it just worked how it should though

I see what your saying. might play with that and hope its fixed soon.

This worked for me. Got it to connect but isn’t recognizing voice commands. Can see it through the app but that is it