Finding Wyze Bulb Color in Alexa

I just received my Wyze Bulb Color order! I have them setup in the Wyze app and can control them there - now I need to get them connected to Alexa and while I have experience with connecting many other devices [to Alexa], I’m not finding the new Wyze bulbs.

I’ve looked under “Add Device”, under “Light”, and there is no listing for “Wyze”. I’ve tried selecting “other” (as the bulb type) and scanning for devices, but nothing is discovered.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the forums! Do you have the wyze skill added in Alexa?

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That was it! I hadn’t seen anywhere saying to add the Wyze app … which I should have realized since I had to add the app for every other “smart device” I have connected. Thanks!


Glad it’s working! Have fun with it!