Wyze Buds Pro - Won't pair. Light flashing red

Last night I charged my case with the buds in them. This morning, I attempted to listen to them. They wouldn’t connect to my phone. After several tries I finally got around to deleting them from the app and doing a factory reset. Now, when trying to pair them, I flip open the lid, the light turns green. I hold the button down to pair and the green light breifly turns off, and then it flashed red 5 times.

Any ideas?

No mention of 5 flashes of a red light here

May be an undocumented error is my first thought and will require a support ticket

Support can be reached at;
Online Ticket WYZE Support
Live support is available: +1-206-339-9646 Monday - Friday 4 am -8 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Outside of that;

The following are thoughts that come to my mind in your situation, as I have not experienced this. Please don’t be offended if the suggestions seem rudimentary as I am not assuming a level of knowledge just offering my thoughts.

Were you able to re-add them to the Wyze App?
What does the battery status show? I have been known to plug in unplugged things before? Funny but true.

Did you disconnect the buds from the original host device before trying to re-add just for good measure.

Are the buds connected to another device not allowing them to connect to the device of choice. Today these are 1 to 1 only. If they are connected to another device try removing them from the other device. There are wish list items out there requesting that these buds be able to connect to multiple devices

I did miss the part where the pairing light was under the lid. The light that is flashing red 5 times is the battery light. When holding the pairing button down, the pairing light does not change at all, it stays off.

Thank you for the reply.

Probably means the case isn’t charged. See if you can try charging it either b cable or wireless