Wyze Buds Pro

Anyone else having a problem with charging or connecting their Wyze Bud Pros? I am finding that the right one doesn’t always charge even though it’s in the case for the same length of time as the left one. The right one also does not always connect. Any help would be much appreciated.

Welcome to the community @lark496.

I personally have not experienced this and have had and used my Buds Pro for a number of weeks now.

Probably things you have looked into already but My first thought is around the contacts… have they gotten dirty and the connectors are obstructed? You could try gently cleaning them.

Anything get into the case? Pocket lint or something of the like that keeps the bud just off the contact?

If none of those things could be a device issue that may warrant a call to support for replacement.

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Thank you for responding. All good suggestions that I have tried. I’ll contact support. Thanks again!