Wyze Buds Pro Qi Charging bug

@UserCustomerGwen I think there may be a bug with wireless charging the Buds Pro.

I’ve noticed that after charging about 15% wirelessly, they stop charging and the case LED indicates a full charge (solid green). If I put it back on immediately, the charger and the case indicate full charge. If I take them off for a couple of minutes and put them back on, it will charge another 15% and again tell me charging is complete.

The Wyze app status when I connect the buds tells me the case is not at full charge. Further, if I plug them in with the cable, I get the flashing LED indicating they are charging.

I suspect there’s a bug when charging wirelessly that’s incorrectly reporting full battery and stopping the charge process.

When Qi charging stops prematurely, feel the Buds Pro case… does it feel excessively hot?

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both the pad and the case are relatively cool to the touch.

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Thank you for the reply. The reason I asked about overheating is because my Buds Pro case will get very hot when I place it on my 30W Qi charger. It charges about 10-15% and shuts off. If I place it on my 7.5W or 10W Qi chargers, it charges fully with no issues.

It sounds like you may have a defective case. If you have a different Qi charger to try, please do so. Otherwise you should call Wyze Customer Support:

Wyze Customer Support: (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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I was concerned about overheating myself, so I watched it charge the first time just to make sure. I have a second charger coming tomorrow and I’ll see if the issue persists.

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Mine have done the same thing. Put it on the wireless charger 5 or 6 times with no problem. Then one afternoon I picked it up and it was warm to touch and showed that the case was at 14% and the Buds 100% I used the buds until they were discharged to around 20% and returned them to the case. They both charged to 100% and the case charge dropped to 12%. I put the case back on wireless charger and it would get warm but not charge or show any light indicating it was charging. I then tried plugging it into a corded 2.2 amp charging cable. The light on the case would flash red and was not charging. I then just left it plugged in and took the bud’s out and used them until they where discharged completely. I then put them in the case that was still plugged in and flashing red and the bud’s charged too 100% and the case fell to 9%. I thought I must have just gotten a bad case and I continued to use the bud’s for a few days taking them in and out of case but never tried charging the case again. My plan was to wait until the weekend and start the long process of emailing Wyze to see about a replacement. Well after a couple of days of using them for short periods of time and returning them to the case I noticed that when I opened the lid the light was now flashing yellow! I plugged the case in and it charged to 100% and worked fine for another week or so then my right ear bud died! Shows 0% and will not charge. I contacted Wyze for a refund and started the long process of back and forth emails asking for the same information over and over!! I really don’t understand why 3 different people are involved in a return process and why the first time I give them my order number and name and address they would need to ask for it again and again as I wait for 3 days and 11 emails before confirmation that a new one is on the way. Unacceptable customer service! Anyway as I typed this long reply I opened my case for the first time in a week and my right bud that did not work now works but is only charging too 33% odd but obviously something is wrong with the case and the chip responsible for detecting levels and charging. Hopefully my new one works better when it arrives.

The second charger I got charged from 70% to 97% so I went ahead and drained the case again to try on the original charger. It seems like it was able to from 75%-100% that go round so I’m not certain what’s up or if this will show up again.

My gut says there may still be a bug in there incorrectly measuring the charge level and shutting off the wireless charge prematurely but it’s a bit hard to really test that theory. Hopefully it’s all good now.


Mine started acting similiarly lately.
I have exclusivly used a Qi charger and not had any troubles for years.
All of a sudden it felt very hot one day and started showing green and then red a moment later.
Using a cable it will look like it’s charging, the app will show 100%. Sometimes 62%. Then unplug and the app will sometimes show some charge. I have used the buds and when I put them back in it would go lifeless. No lights at all.
I plug it back it and it will work again, Buds 100% but case either 60 something or just red light.

The ear buds do seem to charge every time and seem to work normally but very strange behavior and even after 34 months I would have thought they would replace it but they are not. :frowning: