Wireless Charging Too Hot to Touch

Hello! I have a pair of Buds Pro I use daily. I have an anker wireless charging pad that I’ve been using for weeks to charge my buds. Today, the case got so hot on the charger, I couldn’t hold onto the case… I’m very concerned here. I’ve always noticed things getting slightly warm, but this was close to burning me. Any suggestions? Anyone else with this issue?

I remember this thread for verification of the case heating up.

I use my Wyze buds pros daily as well, and have only charged them wirelessly, primarily on a Pleason Model: C500 that has an Output of 5V/1A, 9V/1.5A.

With that, I actually have never had an issue where the case has gotten hot.

I have recently started using a BUANIIH RGB mouse pad that has a 15w charger attached to it 15W/7.5W/5W and have no issues with it as well.

Any chance the case wasn’t sitting on the pad properly?

It’s possible the case wasn’t on there correctly, but my goodness, these things were hot… Even if slightly off the “sweet spot”, I don’t want these getting almost too hot to touch.