Wyze Buds Pro case no longer holding a charge

So I have had my Wyze Buds Pro for just under 3 years and the case is no longer holding a charge.
I’m sad to have to say this is my first dissapointing interaction with Wyze.
I submitted a ticket and they said I should be able to get a gift card. They also asked for info and after I provided it, they informed me that it is out of warranty.
I looked it up and sure enough all of their products except the Bulbs are coverd by a one year warranty.
That was a huge let down to discover that.
I have been a loyal supporter of Wyze for many years and I feel like I have had support problems in the past with the older Wyze sense products that were over a year old and had great customer service.

Anyway sorry to vent.
I wanted to see if anyone else is having that problem and also let it be known that it might happen.
I will say I believe my order was pre releasse order but I still feel like they should still be working.
Make we worried about all of my cameras, doorbell, etc.

I also understand the products are priced much lower than the competition but if this is the new Wyze and things are only covered for a year, I’d rather spend more money and get a product that will last longer.

Also, I just noticed the Wyze Buds Pro Qi Charging bug and mine have acted like that lately.
I exclusively used a Qi charger and have not had this problem until recently.
I will add to that topic as well.

Just my two cents,