Products don't last

I first want to say I absolute love the product line and price of all the products. I own the majority of the products Wyze sells. I have spent multiple thousands of dollars on Wyze products just to see them work great for about a year and just die. Unfortunately I see this across most of the products. Maybe it is because they are made in China, not sure however it is disheartening to see a product die in 14 months and told, sorry out of warranty. I guess they dodged those bullets. Maybe it is you get what you pay for but some of the products are not cheap. I bought my daughter earbuds for her birthday last year in april. Now they won’t charge and support said whew, we are not on the hook for that. Unfortunately this is not the only product I have experienced the same issue.

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My four battery powered Version One WCO are having a birthday :birthday: on Saturday. Guess I got lucky for now. :grin: