Wyze bridge flashing

My Wyze bridge has been flashing yellow/blue. I did pull it out and connected to other cameras still the same issue. I have 3 sensors connected to that bridge, i have not had any issues with my cameras.

Did you ever have it working? If not try restarting the camera of choice and follow the installation instructions

Yes it was working for over a month. I guess i will try to reset camera (hopefully there are instructions here on how to do this)?

Support.wyzecam.com should be of help, the setup guides are all there… hope that gets you up and working again… also may need a firmware update…

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Did you ever get to a solution for this? I’m having the same issue. Installed Bridge connected to 3 senses worked great. Switched camera location and now no good cannot connect. Just flashes blue and yellow.

Wyze replaced mine, i have not had issues with the new one.