Smart Bridge

Good evening all, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and that Santa was good to you! I received the wyze sense starter kit as a gift today. Unfortunately I can not get the bridge to connect. I connected the bridge to the rear of my wyze cam v2 which is on the most current software. Once connected securely the light on the rear portion does not turn on at all. I see no lights flashing at all and I pressed the push button on the back of the bridge, but still no results. I did however put the bridge into a spare USB socket which it began to flash blue and orange. Almost seems as if it’s a power issue, but the plug and USB cord are the ones that came with the camera. I again put it back into the wyze cam with no luck. Not sure what the issue is and hoping someone can help. Thanks in advance!

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Remove the bridge from the camera , unplug the camera and power cycle it , after you plug the camera back in wait for the light on the camera to turn solid blue , then plug the bridge into the camera.
If you don’t see the light
Go to the camera you put the bridge into and go to settings and then to extended devices then tap on wyze sensor bridge and see if the bridge shows up
If that doesn’t work try the bridge in a different camera