Sensor bridge light not turning blu

Just got my sensor starter kit… having set up issues. I plugged the sensor bridge into the back if one of my pan cams (I have six) and waited for the status light to turn blue… it’s been 30 minutes and it still hasn’t turned blue. I retried it several times… anyone else have success getting it working?

See this:


I’m having the same issue with the sensor bridge I just received yesterday and the v2 (not the pan). I’ve tried the following with no luck resolving the issue: reset the cam from the app with and without the sensor bridge plugged in, physically power-cycled the cam with and without the sensor plugged in, and repeated those steps with the sensor bridge and a completely different cam v2. I upgraded the cam to the current firmware ( before ever trying to add the sensor bridge. Are there advanced troubleshooting/debugging steps available or do I need to request a replacement?

I’ve tried it on two camera’s and the bridge will not turn a solid blue. I have tried all of the troubleshooting steps and updated my camera’s firmware too. I’m not impressed.

Got it working (works great btw). There is s button on the back of the bridge… the instructions didn’t mention it, but I pushed it a bunch of times and finally the blue light started blinking, followed by a solid blue light.

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No luck with the button here. I noticed it, too. Have tried short press, long press, multiple press, pressing while inserting the bridge… nothing but yellow/blue flashing light on the sensor :frowning:

I noticed it too and have already tried long/short presses on both camera’s I have.

I finally got it to work but it seemed just random luck. I unplugged the sensor bridge then almost immediately plugged it back in and to my surprise the light finally turned solid blue. It has persisted through 2 power cycles so I guess all is good. I was able to add my 2 contact sensors after it started working.


Good to see you got it working. Were you standing on one leg or touching a unicorn at the time? I’ll try that tonight though I am out of unicorn’s.

Edit: I am not a new user and I think it’s stupid I have to go and edit old posts just to reply. Anyway after 1 email (two weeks ago) support seems to have given up on me so I am done with Wyze. Not sure what happened but they have lost a customer. I’ve emailed support and I still do not hear back from them so that is the end of it. I hear people are getting refunds and that’s good… lucky for them.


Got my Sense today and the first time I put the bridge in the back of a camera the light stayed yellow for about 10 mins. I took it out and put it back in, with care to make sure it was straight and had equal pressure pushing it in. Almost immediately it started flashing and turned solid blue. Has been working solid since. My experience.

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Just received mine today and tried all the advice above. Still just a yellow and blue flashing light. Software is up to date and everything. Not too sure what else to do…

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how do i get a full refund for this product? it is completely non-functional…for the last 4hrs i’ve tried to connect the bridge to my camera, but all i get is a blinking blue light no matter what i try. i’ve attempted to turn off, reset and power cycle the camera with and without the bridge attached. every possible combination and sequence of camera reset & connection to the bridge you can think of i’ve tried. i also followed all the steps in the wyze sense troubleshooting section with no result. i’ve cleared the app cache numerous times and attempted the setup from multiple android devices. nothing works–this debacle has completely undermined my confidence in this company and products (whereas before i would be inclined to give a recommendation to friends/family, now i would not). how do i get my money back? i have no desire to continue as a beta tester for a hopelessly premature product.

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My bridge’s LED was staying yellow until I removed the USB extension cable I’d been using. I repeated attempts with and without the extension cable, and verified that it indeed was the cause of my issue. Maybe there was a slight voltage drop that the Bridge couldn’t tolerate?

If you’re using a USB extension cable or a 5V power supply other than the one that came with the WyzeCam, I recommend eliminating those variables.

Thanks Chris, I have been using the original chord and everything that came with the camera. I just took it down and tried using a shorter chord and then tried using my phone charger and chord and still no luck.

your power explanation sounds plausible, but it’s not the culprit in my case. i’m using the originally supplied cable and charger and i even swapped them out with cables from another camera i have with no result. i’m inclined to think the bridge was tested with the v2 camera and not so much with the pan & scan.

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I am in the exact same situation as @stanwebber. I have tried everything and I still get flashing blue and yellow lights. When I first got the sense kit, I plugged it in and it worked great. After about 4 hours it stopped working and I have been trying to get it to work for a week, trying different cameras and configurations. No help and no response yet from Wyze support.

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wyze just refunded my money, no questions asked. rather than attempting to troubleshoot the issue (which is my preference anyway). they didn’t want anything shipped back so i still have the sensors which i presume are functional and it’s just the bridge that’s a dud. has anyone gained any insight as to why the bridge just flashes blue & yellow incessantly without connecting? i’ve actually had the opportunity to briefly plug the bridge into 2 additional v2 cameras with absolutely no change in behavior. also, what is the damned button on the back of the bridge for anyway? factory reset?


Wow! How did you get them to do that? I have contacted them 3 times! And no response. I would love a refund because I’m disappointed in this. I have had it for over 2 weeks now and still try to get it to work almost once a day and still nothing. Like you said, I think I got a dud…

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Add one more to the list of frustrated Wyze Sense (non)Users. I’ve tried all of the above suggestions in addition to rebooting all of my networking equipment in the house (suggested in another thread) and still no joy. I’ve tried v1, v2 and pan cams with none of them working. I get all manner of blinking lights as well. Sometimes it is the blue/yellow flash. Other times I get a solid yellow flash periodically interrupted by yellow or blue blink. Eventually it all ends up in a solid yellow light. Seems like I also got one which will just not work.

I contacted customer support over a week ago and have received nothing more than the automated reply.

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i opened a support ticket and waited 8 days with no contact. i posted here and the forum moderator took pity on me and helped me out by contacting someone within the company. i should go back and thank him.

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