WYZE Black Friday Promo's

Not really a question, just a vent that it seems very unfair of WYZE to send out promotions that current users cannot take advantage of. I wanted to purchase CAM Plus for my outdoor camera and get the Cam V3 free, but I’m not allowed because I have Cam Plus on my other 5 Cam Pans…Seems very unfair to me?

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Unfortunately that’s every company out there to attract new customers. Cell phone, cable, Apple Music, Spotify, the list goes on. Below is a portion of an email from September when the original Person Detection was being discontinued and Cam Plus activating. They allowed existing members to “Name our price” to keep the person detection feature.

Back in January of 2019, Apple acquired the company we were partnered with for on-device person detection. Because of this, we had to temporarily remove person detection until we developed our own cloud-based option. We promised all of you in an email at the end of November 2019 that person detection would remain free to all of you when we released our version. We launched person detection as a pilot/beta program available for everyone (which is what many of you have been using for the last few months). Starting October 9th, person detection will only be available as part of Cam Plus for $1.99. But we told you it would be free so we’ve created this new pay-what-you-want option exclusively for our early customers who received that promise.

I think Wyze has been pretty fair to existing users.

Thanks for the reply, but your example does not help and did not help me because I had already purchased CamPlus at a higher price and was told I could not receive a refund to re-enroll at a new name my own price…BTW there are lots of companies that take care of and reward their loyal customers, unfortunately you decided to lump WYZE in with others that do not.

Sorry my post didn’t help you, the savings and perks are out there for existing users. Just need to keep an eye out :wink: