Wyze Base Station (Solid Yellow light)

My Wyze base station for my outdoor cam recently went offline. When I power cycle it the yellow is just a constant yellow. Because of this. my Wyze Outdoor Camera is no longer working.

Oddly enough, my doorbell also went down. It says no connection. I don’t believe it talks to the basestation at all. I am having no issues with my network otherwise.

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Is your base connected via ethernet ? Which firmware is on it ? Does it have an SD card in it?. Check firmware version. I would pull the power, remove the SD, attach via ethernet, plug it back in. If it starts working again put the SD back in.

Ethernet. It was not on the latest, maybe 2nd to latest. It has an SD card. I couldn’t update firmware because there was no connection.

I tried to remove the SD card and followed those steps. It is still solid yellow. This worked fine for months.

Solid yellow on the base station implies no connection to your network. Try a different Ethernet cable (doing that will check both the cable and connections). If that doesn’t work, try a different router port.

If neither of those work, try power-cycling your router. That last action may actually fix your doorbell, so try it even if one of the first two items bring the base station back up. It will take some time before your network is back up fully, so be paitent.

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I have power cycled both the modem and router. Also changed the ethernet cord. Still having the yellow light issue.

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I did power cycle the doorbell and that is working again.

The base doesn’t have to be connected to the network to up date the firmware, you can do it with the steps listed here below. Use a clean formatted SD card. Worth a try. This is for the cam and base.

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Thanks - trying now. Still solid yellow. Didn’t appear to do anything and I am confident I did it right as I have experience with GoPro’s and formatting etc.

Well you better get on the phone with support. 1-844-999-3226 M-F 4AM-8PM M-F Pacific time. Tell them your base died I guess. Of course they will probably tell you to do everything you just tried, just let them know you tried everything, send me a new base, and say please :blush:

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I am also having same problem. My base station has solid yellow light from two days.

Did you recently update the firmware?

Yes, I did.

Get your phone and call support. 206-339-9646 . Did you try to unplug it and plug it back in to see if it will work. See this also. Link: