Wyze Base Station Not Connect blue flashing light

My Problem is i have everytime flash blue light. The Router is ok and the cable also, i have Internet on the same Cable testing with my Notebook. I have all tried but the Base station doesnt connect to the Internet.
So have anybode any Update file for me ?!

Are you trying to connect the base station to the WiFi wirelessly or by Ethernet cable ?

Hi, i try over the Ethernet to setup the Base Station

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Inst days to connect to router but I am using wireless. Blue light continues to flash. Any ideas?

Does it work via ethernet? Did it ever work wirelessly? What other wifi equipment so you have for your network that you are trying to connect to?

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Haven’t tried Ethernet. I am now thinking the base unit is defective. Tried using the QR code to connect. The base unit is recognized by my wifi but blue light keeps flashing and if I try to continue get an error message.

According to the setup/install instructions located here, the base station must first be setup while connected to your network via an Ethernet cord. One setup that way, then you can input your wifi info, then once that is done, you can unplug the cord and it should connect to your system wirelessly.

See step #6 on the instructions.

Thank you!