Wyze Band wrong notifications

I have my Wyze band connected to a couple apps on my phone – text messaging and What’sApp, I have gotten a couple strange notifications on the band (strange because they are from a political party not of my taste), but nothing shows on either app on my phone. Both came from 67742. No idea how or why I got them. Anybody know? Does Wyze get it’s wires crossed?

67442 or similar is a short code used to broadcast texts, right now everyone is flooded with them.

If you have notifications on for messages, and don’t block them at the phone, they’ll hit the band.

But I never see them at the phone. That’s the problem. I can’t block them.

That’s of way more concern! Which notification area do they come through on the band? I was going to try mine, but haven’t yet located the darn charger (this is why I don’t like proprietary chargers).

They appear on the band in the notifications area. I also get my normal text message and What’sApp notifications there, but then also these stray weird ones that seem to come from nowhere.

So, you see the alert, nothing on the phone anywhere…
You don’t block anonymous texts/calls by chance?

Reason I ask is that I had another issue that had to do with annoymous calls. I was getting alerts, no call rang. My phone and provider had a security feature that autoroutes to voicemail and then puts the call in a spam folder. The band showed a call in the log, I didn’t realize the calls were still processed as if they had come in, rang and voicemail.
I’d double check you don’t have an unknown sender folder with them in it.

Otherwise, its a head scratcher.


It sends the notification data before checking if the message is spam. You’ll find them in your spam folder.

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Thanks, that was my thoughts.

Yes, Android. That was it, – not spam folder, but it is blocked in my texting app.

Sending a notification to the Wyze band for blocked items does not sound like the right way to handle it – makes no sense. If I have blocked it, why would I want to see the message?

But thanks for helping to figure it out!

I think that’s on Android.

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