Wyze Band Steps Count

I’ve recently just purchased a Wyze Band, and have worn it alongside my Fitbit for the past 3 days. I wanted to see how the steps count compares. I definitely trust Fitbit, as accurate step count is their bread and butter. The Wyze Band has been off by roughly 1000 steps per day the last 3 days. It’s a great band in all other areas (although heartbeat is also somewhat of a concern too). It’s a little unfortunate, although can’t complain too much, as the Wyze Band was a fraction of the price. Just wanted to share my results:

Fitbit - 7353
Wyze Band - 6727

Fitbit - 5579
Wyze Band - 4692

Fitbit - 5800
Wyze Band - 4896

@mrittman, I know with the FitBit you can adjust your step length and maybe with the Wyze band if it has a step length, make sure both are set to the same length per step and check the numbers after that.

Ahhh that is a good point about Fitbit. As of right now, there is no option to adjust stride length with the Wyze Band. Maybe this is something that can be added with a software update?

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Good idea. I would suggest adding it to the Wishlist, and don’t forget to vote for it-adding does not automatically place a vote!

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Vote for it here!

In the Wyze app there is a section on Health Data. It’s the area where your sex, age, height and weight are . I’m only guessing, but if you adjust your height, it probably adjusts your stride according to averages for your height. If you scroll down this site there is a chart showing average stride to height.: How to Calculate Stride Length By Height

Maybe it adjusts the stride with height but I’m not sure if it’s that sophisticated.