Wyze Band vs Fitbit

I recently got my Wyze Band and today wore it from 6:30AM until 9:30PM. It is pouring rain in Atlanta so I didn’t get many steps in.
My Fitbit, which I’ve had in my pocket for a decade, says I walked 9,231 steps today. My Wyze Band, which I had on my left wrist, says I walked 5,185 steps.
My pace is 2.2’ per step and I have calibrated the Fitbit on an indoor track at my gym which is 10 laps = to 1 mile, and the step count of the Fitbit is generally accurate.
Where I’m going with this is the obvious question of the discrepancy of a wearable item on my left wrist versus the device in the pocket on the right side of my pants.
Any insight would be appreciated.

I saw a bunch of other posts on Facebook saying it wasn’t recording steps accurately at all. I would imagine some firmware updates should address it, but it is a low end product compared to other better fitness bands And smart watches so I don’t know how accurate it can get.

Yes I think accuracy is way off. Mine counted about 9700 steps today and I didn’t leave my small house except to walk about 1/2 a mile. There’s no way that’s even close to correct. Hoping they fix it or add a way to calibrate. A band that can’t count steps — it’s a pretty big fail on a core feature.

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The accuracy is definitely way off to the point of not being useful at all. It’s difficult to imagine Wyze couldn’t get at least that basic function correct at beta launch.

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Agree! My wife’s band seems to overcount the number of steps she takes in a day. The count seems to be more accurate when she runs or walks, but misinterprets other task motions and counts them as steps. An example of this is when she is engaged in tasks where her arms are engaged such as washing her hands or dishes, preparing food or performing housework. A recent article by Alfred Poor in The Verge (August 12, 2019) suggests this is because today’s fitness trackers use sensors to detect when the device is in motion. A controller then must interpret whether the motion detected is indeed a step and should be counted or is not a step and should be ignored. Misinterpreted data adds to the step count. This is especially true if the device is worn on the dominant hand. The bottom line is that all fitness trackers have a level of error built in, some more than others. Mr. Poor suggests that knowing this one can then take some steps to improve accuracy, e.g., wear the device on your nondominant hand, make sure the device sits firmly on your wrist and does not flop around, before engaging in a run or walk, note your before and after step counts. I agree with braden that a band that can’t count steps needs to be addressed by the development team and fixed.

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I wear my Fitbit charge 3 and my WYZE Band side by side on my wrist. I notice the WB registers about 500 more steps a day verses the Charge 3. I think it is due to the fact the 3 let’s you set your gait distance and the WB doesn’t. I think for the price and if the WB is your only choice, it is close enough. I have worn both for over a week and I walk 13k steps daily and the descprepancy is about 500 steps daily. Again you are looking at a $25 band verses $139.

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Have you walked a count of say 100 or 200 steps and checked what the two bands increased versus actual steps?

Yes! In the morning I I had 271 steps on Charge 3, 275 steps on WB! The WB seems to track a bit more through out the day!

It seems a lot of the responses here report the Wyze Band as overstating the number of steps, but mine is the opposite.
My Fitbit has been in my right pocket since about 2013, and has been calibrated both to my stride and the indoor track at my gym (2.2 foot stride length and 530 feet on the track. So I’m going to consider this the be the standard of accuracy for what follows.
I’ve have made 5 measurements. The first three are with the Wyze Band on my left wrist and the last two are with the Wyze Band and the Fitbit in my right pocket. For all measurements, the Wyze Band is between 65% and 82% of the number of steps that the Fitbit measured.
M1: FB = 8,450, WB = 5518
M2: FB = 10740, WB = 8,240
M3: FB = 11,232, WB = 8,438
M4: FB = 1,122, WB = 794
M5: FB = 5,079, WB = 4,174
In addition, with the Wyze Band, I got about 2,045 steps taken for 1 mile, whereas the Fitbit traditionally reports 2,200 steps per mile.

Correction, typo: my stride length is 2.5 feet not 2.2 feet.

Jason: This morning, I completed 2 trials of 100 steps and each time the Band accurately counted the steps. So, I wonder if the issue is that the Band misinterprets other task motions, e.g., those tasks that involve the movement of the hands and arms (using a hammer or broom) and counts them as steps?

That is quite possible, but that is the info they need to be able to fix it properly. Your test backed up mine, that it counts steps fairly accurately, its the other motions that it is counting also. My FitBit is off in the opposite direction, neither one of them are perfect.

I just got mine.

Today is Wednesday.

But my steps all got added to Tuesday.

Any ideas?

I wear my charge 3 and Wyze band on my non dominant hand. The Fitbit logs about 30% more steps per day than the WB. My day is a mix of office and farm work. Fitbit records 9k to 22k steps depending on work I’m doing that day.

Just got mine a couple days ago, updated the firmware and so far I am a little disappointed in it due to the huge step discrepancy. My android phone Galaxy s8, an apple iphone and apple watch all report 10,300 - 10,500 steps taken on our walk. My new WB reports 5800 steps which is WAY off. Makes this pretty useless if it doesn’t count steps correctly.

Mine likes to count steps as I’m driving, now I’m a truck driver so it may because how rough the ride is in the truck that’s causing it, But besides that in general Yes steps counted is also over or under counted. I feel bad for the people who bought it to count steps.

When I’m doing work in the yard with my arms or any similar arm moment (while standing in place) it counts steps. Because of this, I’m not really sure how much sense it makes to have a step counter on your wrist. Seems like it would work much better if kept in a pocket to eliminate the invalid moment from arms.