Wyze watch accuracy with step counts

I just got my Wyze watch and get it configured. I have been working in my yard all day wearing my new Wyze watch and had iPhone in my pocket. I noticed that I have registered 5000 steps in my Wyze watch while only 2100 steps in my IPhone. I did quite a bit of arm movement digging out weeds. With my limited movement today, I believe the Iphone is closer to the ‘actual’ steps taken today.

Question: Does the Wyze watch count a step or two if I have full arm movement? Just want to know how accurate it is when compared to other health tracking device. So far, it is over optimistic from what I can tell at the moment.

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On the same note - is there a way to calibrate step distance, my first run with the watch reports 2.4 miles while the actual mapped distance is 2.8 miles that’s too far off for horseshoes or hand grenades

They are not accurate at all as a step counter. I don’t know why Wyze released them.

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I have tested the 47mm watch twice against my Fitbit. Both times the Wyze watch only counted 60-70% of the same steps that the Fitbit did. Into the drawer. If it can’t be accurate it’s not worth a bucket of warm spit.

I have an accuacy problem too, where the watch or the Wyze app will report steps to the Apple Health app multiple times over. One day I had done 123,000 steps! This needs a firmware update pronto. Otherwise I agree it is not useful.

I often wake up with steps counted on my Wyze Watch 47 so that alone tells me it’s not too accurate on the steps.

However, the distance logged is correct when I use the activity tracker. I have mapped my jogging route and it is 99% accurate to Google Maps. When I run on the treadmill, the distance my watch registers is about 7% less than the counter on the treadmill.

I know my steps have increased driving down the road.