Wyze Watch 44/47 Calibrate Step Count

The step count on the watch is producing unreasonable results, often telling me that I’ve walked over 10,000 steps which for me would be almost 4 miles. That’s at least 60% higher than reality.

I’d like you to add a user-driven adjustment to the step-counting algorithm. In the Wyze App, give me a choice to start a step calibration walk. Press the start button, walk 100 steps, and press the stop button. Use that 100 step data to calibrate how the watch counts steps from that point on.

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I agree. Yesterday my watch showed 14,564 steps at around 11:30PM. However, after syncing data etc., Apple Health showed only 9,546 steps. (This is with data sharing enabled between Wyze app and Apple Health). No idea why it’s sending data to HealthKit that looks accurate, but showing something way higher within the Wyze app/on the watch itself.


Day Steps Miles
Sun 7313 3.49
Mon 10613 104.06
Tue 5748 2.74
Wed 10416 65.65
Thur 7066 3.2
Fri 6821 3.26

Something is off, especially when I hit 10K steps.

This is a replacement band I’ve had for about two weeks. My original band always had connectivity trouble with phone, stopped my sleep tracking at 5 AM just about every day, and finally just locked up.

The new band has none of those issues, but the step count thing is a problem.

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Wyze Watch - Please add ability to adjust the step length / running cadence.
The distance calculated with current settings is off by a bit.
when I’m at 1.3 miles or so the watch only says 1 mile.


My watch 47 just registered almost exactly double the distance and pace it should have. My girlfriend’s watch 44 was pretty close on the same short walk. Hers said 1.2 miles and the GPS activity tracking app on her phone reported 1.27 mi. Meanwhile mine reported 2.77 miles and a pace that was faster by double what reality was.

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Yes, please allow us to adjust our gait. This morning in 19 minutes of waking up, brushing my teeth and finally starting my walk with the dog I had already logged over 800 steps.

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I ALWAYS meet my step goals for the day, but I get there really fast while I sit on my riding mower and now the grass. 10k steps in 2 hours and I feel great! Lol. Hopefully a firmware update will correct things or get it as accurate as possible.

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Same issue.
Values being passed to Apple health kit don’t match what the watch says.

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My wife and I have the same watch and walk the same route but have different steps. Something is not right.

My girlfriend doesn’t always keep her phone on her, so every so often she will sync her watch in the Wyze app. After syncing the data, she typically sees 2X the amount of steps logged in her iOS health app.

Please see attached photo that shows the double and triple counted step logs on 6/28. It would be great if a forum moderator could get this escalated as this definitely appears to be a bug.


I have the same issue with my Wyze app on iPhone. This is an obvious issue that should have been caught in testing. Makes me wonder if any testing is done before rolling out new updates. Need a fix ASAP.

I concur with everyone above. Today my watch displays 18,000 steps, which is correct as I walked a ton. However, my iOS Health app shows an astonishing 625,000 steps… Yes, you read that correctly, 625,000 steps and an amazing 272 miles with 327,000 calories burned. I am also having an issue while on my riding mower where the step count on my watch jumps dramatically.

I hit my step goal riding in my truck the other day. They aren’t accurate at all. I don’t know how these things made it through product testing. They are worthless as a step count device.

I am having the same issue also. For example, today my watch says I took 22 steps at 1:00 AM. Then it replicates that step count TEN Times. The Start and End Times are the same, but when you open each instance it shows a Different Time that it was Added to Health. Please Help.

Same issue here. Just got a 47 and I am comparing it to a cheap watch I got from Az. The Az watch reads 3657 steps, and the Wyze (on my other wrist) reads 5089. This is for a walk that both instruments record as 1.2 miles on relatively flat terrain. Has there been any response?

No response. I have been using it for months now and I would say that it seems to be much more accurate in actual step count (compared to steps from my iPhone). BUT my issue is that I wear my watch all day and night as opposed to carrying my iPhone only when going somewhere or walking. SO I enabled the Health app on my iPhone to get data from my watch and in doing so get multiple reports of the same step count at different times therefore showing thousands of miles more than I actually have. SO I had to disable it from reporting to the Apple Health app. Now I don’t get credit for all the steps I take in a day.

Mea culpa, sort of. It really depends on which wrist you wear the watch on. In my original test, I had the Wyze watch on my right hand, and the other one on my left. In that configuration, the Wyze watch recorded about one third more “steps” than the other. When I switched the Wyze watch to the left hand, the readings were about even. This still means that the Wyze watch is over counting, but not nearly as much. Meanwhile, it is clear that my right arm takes many more steps than my left (!).

When you switched wrists, did you also change that in the wyze watch app where it asks which arm you are wearing it on? Thanks

Yes, I did change the listing in the app when I made the change.

I’ve been home sick all day and just hit 10,000 steps!