Wyze Band Fitness Tracker

When I read the reviews of the Wyze Band, a lot of the reviews say that the steps are off. How is this possible? I am not techie, but steps seem really basic and step tracking devices have been around for 20+ years. Is that true? Are other people seeing the same issue? If so, is Wyze working on correcting that?


Most wrist worn step trackers are off to a degree due to the way it attempts to track steps by arm movement. I Have a FitBit Blaze and a Wyze Band, from firsthand experience as it pertains to me, neither one of them is accurate to my actual steps. I did tests where I manually counted the steps vs what each tracker counted. My Fitbit reads about 5% higher than actual and the Wyze Band 5% lower than actual. In my opinion both of these are close enough that it gives me a decent guestimate about how much I have moved any given day.